Red Robe Productions

I was raised in Chicago and grew up listening to my dad's favourite radio station WGN AM 720, a non-stop talk-sports station.  It was here that I began to understand the importance of traffic reports and sports updates, especially if you were bumper to bumper trying to get to a Bull's game. These days you can find me in Guelph Ontario flipping from 88.3 to 107.9 and everything in between. Radio's greatest quality other than being free for everyone to hear, is the great balance between pretension and fun, between what's real and what's silly. At one moment you can listen to an important broadcast on CBC and the next you can try and win a car. To me that's what being human is all about!

  • Full Voice Demo

Voice Demo.mp3

  • Reads/ Features

CJIQ 88.3 Artist Feature.mp3


Remembrance Day.mp3

  • Production/ Editing 

Sound story To The Bar.mp3

Rainy Day Phoners.mp3

Video Killed The Radio Star (30 sec).mp3

Mock Government FIGHT THE FLU! commercial: voiceover, music, and editing by me

Independent Video Project


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