Upon arriving at St. Ignatius School in Guelph this morning to catch a glimpse at the Prime Minister's speech on science and technology I found myself directly behind the black car entourage also pulling into the school's parking lot. I tried to act like I was with them, but the silver van didn't fit in. I was told to park on the street. It was wet and rainy and I finally got into the school soaked and somewhat resembling a drowned rat - an enthusiastic, drowned rat. There were two desks in front of me, one for guests and one for media. I went right and the woman asked me who I was. In my most professional voice I said "Emily Gleeson, CJIQ News" and showed her my laminate. She smiled and said "Look at you" very knowingly. She asked for some further ID and then told me to join the rest of the media personel in a room just down the hall. I entered a stale classroom full of cameras, camera equipment, cameramen, and women speaking into cameras. Wowsers. I found a chair which was made for a midget and quietly awaited permission into the gymnasium. I saw some cliques of people chatting, some novices introducing themselves to well known television broadcasters - I noticed the difference between the guys with the gear and the guys with the suits, and behind me someone from Radio-Canada spoke in broken English.

We were finally corralled into the gym and immediately cameras were set up on stands in a line behind the chairs pointed at the podium where the PM would speak. I stood there for a while thinking about where to stand. The line had already been formed and there was no room in the back to get a good enough view so I decided to take a corner right by the speakers - good enough for radio. I actually had a pretty clear view to the podium as well so I managed to take some pictures and video as well, for my own keeping. About an hour went by and I had already checked and re-checked my batteries and mic set-up. Guys kept moving around doing this and that. I just stood there. Waiting. Finally after some banter Mr. Stephen Harper took to the podium and delivered his speech on science and how important it was, blah blah blah, and oh ya apologies to the Japanese. Midway through a kid passed out in the bleachers behind him causing a stir. He kept talking but then personally went over to see if the kid was alright. I think he was.

All in all I think I was more excited to be a part of the news entourage than about what the Prime Minister was saying. Most of the media guys there didn't speak to me, but one guy from CTV made a joke when the Principal asked the kids who the best Prime Minister in Canada was...they of course yelled out STEPHEN HARPER and he leaned into me and said "Isn't he the only Prime Minister?" I laughed, thankful for some kind of comraderie. At that point Stephen was surrounded by children and with a red and white striped sweater would have looked just like Waldo .