I live in Guelph. I moved to this city back in 2002 for one major reason: the music. Previously I had been in Montreal, which is also a great town for music, but not so good for an anglophone trying to work while attending school. I had been thinking about moving back to Ontario for a while and when a good friend of mine introduced me to Guelph's Hillside Festival the summer of 2001, I knew I was home. There are few moments in life that you can travel back to as if you never left. The first Friday of the festival I can recall sitting on the grass, sun setting genty over Guelph Lake, while Louis Melville took to the stage with other fellow Guelphite musicians. I had never seen any of them play before - they looked like a bunch of nobody's - but the first song along with the setting and company brought tears to my eyes. I don't cry easily, at least I don't think I do. So here's a song by the band Royal City, hailing from the Royal City, in a salute to the many great bands that not only made Hillside a great festival, but Guelph a great city to live in. It's nickname might be the Royal City, but to its residents it will always be the City Of Music.