I watched a movie called "Radio On" recently.

There is a stark but luminous quality to the movie, filmed in 1979 post-punk Britain and co-produced by Wim Wenders - the great German director/ writer. (See: "Wim Wenders: On Film" great book.) Anyway, its a story of a radio jock who goes on a spiritual road trip of sorts, and what grabbed me was how sound mixed with landscape in this film. Certain audio would work with such things as swooshing windshield wipers, or a long view of a train travelling through the English country-side. There was often no need for dialogue. It changed my idea of "music" in general, and added texture all of a sudden to the music/video relationship. Rather than music based on feeling or plot, sound was put to object and the experience was like touching a painting rather than merely seeing it. So I started playing around with my own music, I went more experimental which is not something I usually do but have been enjoying lately. I'm putting the audio to video and will post it below.