If there's one band I have never fallen out of love with it's the Rheostatics. They are one of those highly acclaimed but unknown Canadian bands that were popular during the prog-rock movement around Toronto in the 80's. The only radio stations that ever play them are The Edge late at night or CBC radio 2. They just aren't that popular, and they never were. They never made much money. But albums "Melville" and "Whale Music" are number 5 and 4 respectively on ChartAttack magazine's top 50 Canadian Albums.


It's something anyway. I first heard them in University and it was one of those "life-changing" moments - coulda been something in the air, but I swear the first time I heard Martin Tielli's voice soar on "Midwinter's Night Dream" I had never heard anything sweeter. Of course I can't find it on youtube, but luckily I have it at home and might play it on the old CD player. Antiquity at its best. For readers however, I have posted "It Is A Bad Time To Be Poor" written by Tim Vesely. I am a student once again, and I still look to them to sing out the better or worse moments of life.