I had the pleasure of watching a video that some fellow classmates made for their Creativity class presentation yesterday. It's about Brainstroming, so what did they do? They made a movie trailer, for a movie called....you got it: Brainstorming. Normally when it's presentation day I try to make myself a nice breakfast, pack lots of treats, listen to my favourite music before I head out - anything to inundate myself with good stuff - 'cause presentations are usually either boring, ill-prepared, or both. But these guys blew me away! They went the extra mile and made something for the class, and seemingly for themselves as well. It not only set the bar for the rest of us, but also exemplified how work can be fun, especially with the equipment that we have at our disposal. So. Kudos to Jeff Weber, Adam Knetsch, Gord St. Denis, Eric Drozd, and Tom Gadsdon. Well done boys, well done! It made me proud to be a part of this class.