I'm not sure if I've mentioned this recently but I've been neglecting my acoustic guitar for my younger, redder electric. (I feel like a guy going through a mid-life crisis) Yesterday I came home however, and decided to pick it up and play an old, old song I wrote around 2005. It's called Canadian Winter. I almost forgot it's E-A-A-D-A-D tuning. I sat there for probably ten minutes before I could remember it, and almost gave up, but then some brain path clicked and I went EUREKA! and away we went. I've played this song in bars and I've had it recorded a few times and when I had a band called The Correspondents it was one of our best tunes so it not only brought back some memories playing it, it also warmed me up a little...something the sultry essence of distorted electric sound just can't pull off. Anyway, here's another "home video" that I hope some of you will enjoy, even just for nostalgia's sake.